Premium Wood Walking Cane

Item No.: U11/U11C01/C01

Simple design in luxurious present

1. HARDWOOD - carved single piece construction, strength, durability, and support in a classic wooden walking stick, proven stability aid for seniors, medical recovery, and added balance for confidence in mobility.

2. ERGONOMIC STYLE HANDLE - evenly distributes body weight, reduces stress on user's hands and joints.

3. LIGHT WEIGHT - yet ridged design offers reduced stress while walking and standing.

4. RUBBER TIP - slip resistant help you gain more traction on slippery surfaces.

**Available Material: Handle - Ash Wood, Maple Wood, Rose Wood, Ebony, Greensandle Wood, Acrylic, Plastic and brass. Shaft - Ash Wood, Maple Wood, Rose Wood, Ebony, Greensandle Wood and aluminum. **

Material ( Handle / Body ) : 
Green sandalwood

Item No / ColorLength
U11/U11C01-C01 (M)90cm
U11/U11C01-C01 (L)92cm

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